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Safety Cabinets for Combustibles

Easily separate and identify Class III combustibles using these red safety cabinets. Adjustable shelves accommodate many smaller paint tins, aerosols and inks found in printing, painting, furniture and motor vehicle operations. Sure-Grip® EX combustibles storage cabinets have all the same quality features as Justrite’s flammable cabinets as outlined below.
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FAQ about Safety Cabinets for Combustibles
What types of chemicals should be stored in these cabinets?
These cabinets are intended to store corrosive solids and liquids, flammable solids, organic peroxide formulations, oxidizer solids and liquids, pyrophoric solids and liquids, toxic or highly toxic solids and liquids, unstable (reactive) solids or liquids, and water-reactive solids or liquids. Always ensure that incompatible materials are stored in separate cabinets, and consult your local code authority for any other items in question.